Diane’s Homemade Recipe of Spring Lasagna for Diabetics

My husband and I have had a long history of diabetes running through our families.  My great grandmother, great grandfather, grandmothers and my mother were all diagnosed with this disease.  In our hopes to prevent this disease from moving onto another generation it has become so important for us as parents to educate and instill healthy eating habits in our children.  

Pasta is one of the major staples in my Italian culture but choosing the right type of pasta is the first step towards eating healthy.  Pasta made with corn flour or rice flour have a high glycemic index so it’s important for diabetics to avoid these types of pastas.  In this recipe of Homemade Spring Lasagna for Diabetics choosing either a lasagna made of durum semolina flour or whole wheat flour both have a lower glycemic index (less than 58) and are healthy alternatives to other types of pastas.  

Prep time:  1 hour

Cooking time for vegetables:  1 hour
Baking time for lasagna:  45 minutes
Total time:  2 hours and 45 minutes


1 lb. of whole grain lasagna or durum semolina lasagna
1/2 lb. low fat ricotta cheese
1 fresh mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup of grated pecorino romano cheese
1 jar of homemade or some great tasting store bought tomato sauce
1 small package of white button mushrooms
1 whole vidalia onion thinly sliced 
1 purple eggplant
1 yellow zucchini
1 green zucchini
Fresh organic baby spinach
2 red peppers
1 yellow pepper
Fresh basil
A pinch of red pepper flakes 
Sautéed or grill the vegetable 
Sautéed eggplants in a frying pan with olive oil and drain in a paper towel and set aside
Sautéed onions with some olive oil until golden
Add peppers and sautéed well
Add mushroom to onions and peppers 
Sautéed zucchini separate and put aside
Boil water in a large pot
Add salt
Add some olive oil so lasagna does not stick together
Add lasagna and cook for 10 minutes

Assemble the lasagna in a rectangle cooking pan
Add sauce to bottom of pan
Add verticals layers of lasagna to the pan making sure to overlay the strips a bit.  Use 3 to 4 strips depending on size of your baking pan. 
Spoon sauce across the bottom layer of lasagna
Add 1 eggplant on each vertical strip of lasagna 
Add 2 pieces of green zucchini and 1 yellow zucchini to each verticals strip of lasagna
Add peppers, onions and mushrooms to each verticals strip
Add raw spinach across lasagna strips
Sprinkle grated cheese across lasagna
Add 2 or 3 tablespoon of ricotta to each lasagna strip
Add 2 slices of mozzarella to each lasagna strip 
Add basil leaves to each vertical lasagna strip
Add another layer of lasagna strips overlaying each strip with each other 
Add sauce
Add vegetables 
Add grated cheese, ricotta, mozzarella and basil as you did to the bottom layer 
Add final layer of lasagna strips overlaying a bit
Smother with tomato sauce
Sprinkle grated cheese across lasagna
Add mozzarella and basil 
Cover with aluminum
Bake for 45-1hr at 350 F 

Bon Appetite!  Live a little sweeter everyday! 

Copyright © Diane G. Mavridis