Little Sweeter Everyday

My grandpa is an engineer. He loves research and has invented many things to make people's life easier. He always has a solution to fix anything. 

Grandpa used to think diabetes was like a cold. It would last for a few days, maybe months, but would go away as long as he took some medicine like a "NyQuil". But as he studied more, he realized that diabetes would be with him for the rest of his life.

Grandpa became depressed. There was no medication he could take to "fix" his diabetes, and he heard about all the potential side effects that may come with it, including impaired vision and fading energy.He was worried that he would no longer be able to enjoy quality time with his grandchildren. He also had to say goodbye to all of his favorite desserts. Grandma restricted him from eating anything too sweet and eating too much.  Mommy also stopped baking us chocolate pies, which everyone used to enjoy.

I love my grandpa and would love to see him happy again.  One day when grandpa was ranting to me about his "no sweet no life" story, I decided to tell him, Don't worry grandpa. Life gets a little sweeter everyday.


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