My Nonna Has Diabetes


My nonna (that’s grandmother in Italian) has diabetes.  I don’t know exactly when she was diagnosed with diabetes but I know she’s had a very long time way before I was born.  It makes me sad to know she has this disease.  She has to watch what she eats and take insulin shots a couple of times a day.  I think ever since she’s had this disease it makes her want to eat sweet even more.  I guess when you know you shouldn’t eat something it makes you crave it even more.  

Diabetes is a terrible disease.  It effects the way a diabetic’s body functions.  It effects people’s organs in a bad way.  For some people it even affects their eyesight in a negative way.  

I feel sad for my nonna because when she comes over for holiday dinners and there are so many desserts on our table, she has to watch herself and refrain from reaching for one because she knows it’s bad for her.  I know it must be really frustrating for her to watch other family member’s devour desserts while she has to choose a fruit or a sugar free dessert.  She isn’t able to eat sweets because her blood sugar will go high and then it will adversely affects her body.  If her blood sugar goes so very high she can even go into a diabetic coma.  I would never, never want that to happen to my nonna.

My nonna has to give herself a shot 3 times a day to control her blood sugar level.  This must be very frustrating and a nuance to her to have to do everyday of her life. It makes me so sad that my nonna has diabetes. She makes all these traditional Sicilian cookies for us but she can’t have any of them because of diabetes. 

I want to take care of my nonna so that she can live a healthy and long life so that I can get more time to spend with her.  My nonna means the world to me and I hope that one day I can help find a cure for her so that she can eat some sweets again and live a healthy life.  

Life is a little sweeter everyday when you take care of the ones you love and support their healthy eating life style.


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