YES, you can over-ride your genes!


YES, you can over-ride your genes!

Think you have bad genes? Maybe a cancer gene or two? How about diabetes, or short life span genes (yes, there are such things)? You can keep them turned off or turn them off once on, by very specific lifestyle modification.

Now I am going to tell you what it is, but you have to promise not to freak out. This topic brings up the strangest reactions from people across the board, especially medical doctors.

First, I will tell you what they found:

Extended Lifespan (even when the short life span gene was present)

Stem Cell Regeneration

Lowered Belly (visceral fat)

Reduced Cancer Incidence

Reduced Skin Lesions

Rejuvenated Immune System

Stopped Bone Density Loss

Brain (memory centers) Neurogenesis (new brain cell growth)

Lowered IGF-1

Improved Cognitive Performance

Decreased risk bio-markers for:



Heart Disease


Liver Regeneration

New Muscle Growth and Regeneration

Decreased Inflammation

Reduced Immune Aging

No one single modality that I have ever seen tested has been shown to do so much for health, healing and anti-aging. NOTHING.

So, who is ready to sign up?

So, what is it? Well, it is definitely a “four letter word” in the health care world today. Promise me you will keep reading after I tell you…promise? Ok, fasting. And not even “real” fasting, they called it a Fasting Mimicking Diet. A lot of these results were replicated in studies with people, mice and yeast, so the biological mechanism is pretty old and well established evolutionarily speaking.

The human studies had people eat a ketogenic diet of 750-1000 calories for 5 days straight, once a month, for 3 months…..that is it!

I propose that true fasting, water, broth, or similar would do even better. I think that even intermittent fasting with an 6 hour window using this “Fasting Mimicking Diet” model would do the same or better as well.

Let all the fears and fasting myths fall by the wayside. The upside here is worth all the discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone.

We don’t need to eat all day every day!

The reality is, when we do eat all day every day we shorten our life span and make our selves sick, fat, and miserable!

So, just stop eating every now and then people. Stop eating fabricated food like products and eat a “Basic Human Eating Plan.’ As in what you as a human being on this planet was meant to eat. Whole, natural, in season, local foods. Feast and famine… and fast. All the while move your body AS MUCH AS YOU CAN each and every day and do some STRENUOUS exercise at least 3 times a week.

Do it not, and live the American reality. Your choice. We are happy to help.

Copyright © Dr. Don Clum


Aduro Population Health Director of Advanced Metabolic Programs